Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Bar & Bat Mitzvah  embraces two concepts: Bar meaning son, Bat for daughter, and Mitzvah meaning commandment.
At the age of 13 for boys and 12 for girls, they reach an age where they assume the ritual obligations and privileges under Jewish law. Becoming a full-fledged member of the Jewish religion is a very important milestone, so much so that this ceremony becomes a pinnacle in their young life; a memory forever. Rabbi Jonathan’s calming personality lends the necessary “comfort zone” that is essential for proper preparation for each student.Confidence and calmness is most prevalent within the first few minutes of meeting with Rabbi Jonathan. A family is rest assured that as their young child enters their Jewish adulthood, they will also mature to gain knowledge, poise, and confidence for their upcoming Simcha. Any family that is requesting such a ceremony may do so, even if their child may not be enrolled in any Hebrew School or may not have had any prior Religious School Education. Private tutoring is available for any student, which spans over a period of 10-12 months. It begins with the learning of the Hebrew Alef-Bet and concludes with this young Jewish adult reading from the Torah during his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Rabbi Jonathan offers his personalized, meaningful ceremonies at the location of your choice. Whether it be in a banquet hall, hotel, country club or in your own home, this warm and musical ceremony will be a “once in a lifetime” memory.

​​Rabbi Jonathan Kaplan

An Independent Modern Rabbi 


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