Baby / Child Namings.

​​Rabbi Jonathan Kaplan

An Independent Modern Rabbi 


Phone: 954-254-5871

To hold a newborn in our arms is to behold a miracle.
We begin the journey of parenthood in celebration. There are foods to be prepared, people to be called, announcements to be made and invitations to be extended. The family is swaddled in attention and rituals. A private matter becomes a communal event, for at the celebration the child, the family and the people of the community are bound together as one. Family and friends gather as the ceremony unfolds and becomes a beauty of its own. Rabbi Jonathan offers baby naming services, ritually acknowledging a child’s entry into God’s Holy Covenant while enabling the parents to proclaim publicly the child’s name. Parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents and all friends gather with the same thought, “Please guide their steps. And protect this child throughout life.” Rabbi Jonathan will personalize a warm and intimate baby naming ceremony at the location of your choice or at our Friday Night Shabbat Services.Type your paragraph here.